Non-Genting Member Stand a Chance to Win RM2,888 Ang Pow

Saturday, 23 Oct 2021 8:32 PM MYT

KUALA LUMPUR: It was announced yesterday that the movement control order (MCO) will be extended for the states of Selangor, Penang and Johor as well as the federal territory of Kuala Lumpur until 4th March 2021.

Other states will be reinstated with conditional movement control order (CMCO) except for Perlis which will be placed underrecovery movement control order (RMCO).

Genting Highlands, the place where Genting group has its theme park and Malaysia’s only casino has been forced to operate at a lower capacity and that some of its offering may not be available from Jan 13, including their casino service. As to continue serving the Genting Card Members, Genting has decided to move their casino service online on their official entertainment website, 96BETS.

“Client’s safety, our priority. We offers limited entrance to Genting Rewards members only with no date offered for public entry, ” said Head of Strategy and Operation department, Lee Tian Jie, “Non-Genting member are welcome to join us at our dedicated online casino, 96BETS.”

The spokesperson of 96BETS, Mr. Zhang revealed that Genting and 96BETS will be organizing a series of activities to welcome non-Genting Rewards member.

“We had already introduced a series of events and non-Genting reward member exclusive fares on our platform, including 150% Welcoming Bonus.”

Mr. Zhang revealed that everyone including non-Genting Rewards member is entitled to received welcoming bonus which up to RM2,888 when they made their first deposit.

150% Welcoming Bonus” has attracted more than 5,000 new players to our platform, and it has generated more than 3,000 winners in just a few days. One of the biggest winners, Mr. Michael from Kepong has walks away with total prize of RM329,800 and his winning story has gone viral on Internet.




Felicia Goh
Super nice platform for playing game!
· Reply · 1m
Daniel Lai Kai Shen
@Zoe Chang @Alan Ng Got 150% welcome bonus for now, faster go to register !
· Reply · 2m
Zoe Chang
This platform is the one you said cooperate with Genting ?
· Reply · 3m
Daniel Lai Kai Shen
Yup! This is the one !
· Reply · 4m
Alan Ng
Wow! Really? 150% ?
· Reply · 5m
Daniel Lai Kai Shen
Bro! It’s real! Go to register then we play together
· Reply · 7m
Lim Koo Yang
Playing online is just like playing in the casino, so far the game I like the most is Live Casino.
· Reply · 9m
James Kok
Hey! The slots game nice also! Easy to win
· Reply · 10m
Lim Koo Yang
You try before?
· Reply · 11m
James Kok
Yala! If I haven’t try, how can I tell you it’s really nice XD
· Reply · 12m
Thomas Tan
There are a lot of promotions here! Love this platform so much!
· Reply · 13m
Hann Lim
All the promotions are real?
· Reply · 15m
Thomas Tan
Of course! Just go and try! So far I won around 1500+
· Reply · 17m
Hann Lim
Really? You’re so lucky! I will try and see my luck.
· Reply · 18m
Alice Chew
@Yup Kuan This is the online casino I told you before, 96Bets, now even have welcome bonus.
· Reply · 19m
Yup Kuan
I thought you just kidding me
· Reply · 19m
Alice Chew
I really won money from 96bets, maybe you can try, I’m not lying
· Reply · 20m
Bee Hui
96bets always the online casino that I trusted !
· Reply · 21m
Michelle Ho
Their service so fast and convenience! I deposited 100 today and I receives the credit from the welcome bonus after a few second! It’s surprise me!
· Reply · 22m
Mia Ling
How much about the bonus ?
· Reply · 23m
Michelle Ho
I really won money from 96bets, maybe you can try, I’m not lying
· Reply · 23m
Mia Ling
I see…Thank you
· Reply · 24m
Alan Ng
Not bad, at least I can play even I’m not going to casino. I can just play on my sofa without worry about the virus.
· Reply · 25m
Andy Hong
I’m a Genting Rewards member. From the moment that government decided to extend the CMCO, I thought I would be able play game anymore. But 96bets allows me to play like in the Genting’s casino, and the promotions awesome.
· Reply · 26m
Sarah Soo
The promotions provide by 96Bets really help me a lot. Even sometimes I’m not so lucky, the promotion able to cover my loss !
· Reply · 27m
Ryan Chan
Non Genting Rewards member can apply also?
· Reply · 28m
Harry Kim
Yes! 96Bets not only serves for Genting rewards member, it serves for everyone!
· Reply · 30m
Lau Wei Han Kenny
Thanks 96Bets for the welcome bonus! I never thought I can win! This money is so on time, my car need service fee haha
· Reply · 31m
Ong Hui Yan
LOL use the money treat us some food is better
· Reply · 33m
Lau Wei Han Kenny
I promise I will treat you if I win the next bet hehehe
· Reply · 34m
Hanna Jia Hui
Cool! 96Bets really giving out the welcome bonus! Never try online casino before, but this platform surprises me! So many game and promotions
· Reply · 35m
Alisa SaSa
Wow! 150% welcome bonus for newbie! It’s time to join 96Bets!
· Reply · 36m
Brandon Wii
@Nee Nee Kong 96bets is the online casino you play now?
· Reply · 37m
Nee Nee Kong
Yup! You wanna try? I hear they giving welcome bonus now.
· Reply · 38m
Brandon Wii
Ya, that’s why I ask you. Maybe I will try this weekend.
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